One Cottage Street
Easthampton, MA 01027
tel 413.527.2090

About Eileen Jager

Artist Statement

In 1979 I visited Chartres Cathedral near Paris and my life was forever changed. Fascinated by the mystic symbolism and inspired by the stained glass I felt like I was sitting inside a jewel box. I was struck by the power that light has to transform space, both in the inner and outer realms. This moment marks the beginning of a life long passion.

As a material glass is very demanding. It requires technique, tools and patience. Mostly it desires that spark of attraction that keeps you coming back. It’s been a long and very interesting dance and I’m still loving it!

I’m inspired by many things, including nature, architecture, myth and symbols, and of course traveling ! A trip to Hawaii in 1998 birthed tabletop fountains ~ lush tropical foliage, exotic birds, the soothing sounds of moving water. This work is nurtured by my relationship with the natural world...I’m filled with wonder by the beauty and awesome complexity of our planet. Being a creature of the senses I am driven to interpret this beauty in my work.

While making the small fountains I kept feeling them big, as pieces of furniture, yet didn’t know how to work with such a fragile material on such a large scale and have them be functional. I realized I could create them as mosaic, luscious iridescent glass inlaid on a wood substructure. In 2001 I introduced furniture and tables-with-fountains. Today I continue to immerse myself in new designs and inspirations. I love working with glass, light and the sensory delight of falling water. I enjoy the challenge and creative opportunities that site specific commissions bring. I aspire to make beautiful things that are a joy to experience.

My studio is in an old mill building shared by artists working in many media. The thread we weave is our commitment to our lives and careers as artists. I find great pleasure in the making of this work and knowing it is enjoyed in the homes and lives of many people around the world. I am forever grateful for my birth name. Eileen from the Greek root means LIGHT and Jager from the German root means HUNTER