One Cottage Street
Easthampton, MA 01027
tel 413.527.2090

About The Work

“I’m endlessly fascinated by the dance of glass and light. This has been my passion since a magical moment at Chartres Cathedral when I was struck by the power of light and color to transform space.”

Eileen is inspired by world travels, the cycles of nature and the balance of form and function. Each piece she creates is a journey revealed through vision, trust, and perseverance. Her luscious glass mosaic furniture and aquatiture are multidimensional sculptures, a sensory delight to see, hear, touch and experience. Iridescent glass shimmers while water gently flows creating a subtly soothing and energizing ambiance. Ms. Jager is moved by the power of art to transform and enhance our lives. She welcomes commissions for site-specific projects in private homes and gardens as well as public spaces. 

"My glass mosaic furniture and table~fountains are functional sculptures, multidimensional and luscious. They’re a sensory delight to see, hear, touch and experience. My desire is to create beauty and harmony through form and function, to enhance your space and share the delight of creating something you will enjoy everyday."

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