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Piazza del Campidoglio

In my studio I create speculative pieces and work on commissioned projects. Often a potential client will see my work at a show and our conversation begins. I work from verbal descriptions along with photographs or digital images. Whenever possible a house call or site visit to see and experience your space is best. The design process is often a collaborative one between the client and myself. I look, listen and am sensitive to your needs and desires. I take into consideration the aesthetic of the setting, the use of the room, the overall sense of design and taste and most of all your dreams and desires.

Sometimes a client is inspired by something I’ve already created and the piece is adapted to their specific location. Recently clients saw my oval lotus table at a show. They had been to Italy and my table reminded them of Michelangelo’s design for the Piazza del Campadoglio in Rome. They e-mailed the image, a conversation and site visit followed and led to the creation of a stunning kitchen table in silver and gold glass with transparent bronze windows.

Table In Process

I enjoy the many conversations I’ve had with those who are inspired by the beauty and quality of my work. We dream the space, the room, the house and it’s so satisfying when I get the call, “We’re building the sunroom / deck / new kitchen...and you’re table~fountain will be the focal point”.