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Materials & Techniques

Glass mosaic has been used for centuries around the world. I’m blending an age old technique with modern materials and design. The overall shape and supportive substructure is an exterior wood composite. It’s very stable in both indoor and outdoor locations and can be cut to any shape or size. The wood is covered with a gorgeous rainbow iridescent glass that looks like peacock feathers. It shimmers and holds light in a mesmerizing way.

I begin by doing small sketches to work out the overall shape of the piece and to get a sense of how the patten will flow. Then I blow up the design to full size. Two patterns are made - a simple one for the wood and a detailed one for the glass. Each piece of glass is carefully selected and cut by hand. The edges are seamed on a wet belt sander. The glass is adhered to the wood then grouted and sealed, just as you would a tile floor.