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My creations are a dance between Nature and Spirit, designed to bring beauty and harmony to life. It’s a gift to render the invisible visible, to take an idea and give it tangible form. Each piece is a journey into the mystery of light, color, creation…

Art moves, touches, and inspires on all levels of being. It lifts us up, turns us on, and reminds us of special people and places. It creates a sense of peace and tranquility in the midst of our busy lives. Art touches our hearts and minds, and invites us to go beyond what’s already known, to discover something new.

My clients love the radiance of glass, light and color, and desire art that brings them joy, inspiration, and vitality. My work lives in hearts and homes all over the world. Perhaps there’s a dream that you and I will bring to life. Enjoy exploring my web site and I’d love to know what moved, touched or inspired you. Be in touch…

What My Clients Say

  • We refer to the place we live as our "temple home". My wife and I express our love, creativity, and love of love, in our gardens and in our ART. When I first saw Eileen's glass I was mesmerized. The undulating organic glass leaves of her curved “Verde Bench” reflecting the vibrant colors of autumn ... and then the mystical vortex of spiraling color coming from the deep blues of “Blue:Reflecting Water.” Eileen's art work sits front and center in our living room at primary points of focus because they draw you into the interplay of Nature and Spirit. I often have seen house guests lying quietly watching the changing light of the late afternoon reflecting in her beautiful art

    Mark Tanney & Alisa Wright Tanney, Conway MA

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I’d like to help you create a space with a feeling of peace and beauty, an oasis for intimacy and inspiration.

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