Creating a Commissioned Piece

Imagine, Inspire, Transform!

Let’s create something beautiful that has a special place and meaning in your heart & home. It’s an exquisite, intimate, co-creative process.

Over the years my work has evolved from creating beautiful objects, to creating beautiful environments, to creating spaces within which transformation happens – in our inner landscape as well as in our outer environment. These are three separate threads that weave together in unique ways for each client.

We talk about what the piece means for you
and explore the space it will inhabit

Why commission a piece?

Because Art Matters…
Because Your Dream doesn’t come in a box…
Because it’s incredibly satisfying to create a home that fully expresses your unique essence and desires – and fill it with beauty that brings you joy!

For us creative folk the sheer pleasure of imagining what might be possible – then taking the steps to make it so – is immensely gratifying. From the big picture to the smallest detail it’s a living work of co-creation.

I’m entrusted by clients around the world to create something special, unique and extraordinary for them. And when the piece is delivered I’m always thrilled to hear, “Oh my…it’s more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!”

Private spaces

Sometimes, the piece is the focal point in the room. Sometimes, it blends in and creates a cohesive sense of unity with what is already there. Together we engage in a visioning process to discover what it looks like, how it makes you feel, and what it brings to your life.

We talk about the feeling of the design. Perhaps it will be a Lotus pattern that is softly geometric and has a sense of unfolding from the inside out. Or will it be more organic, with morphing shapes, or some perfect blending of both?

We explore the color family. I use a gorgeous iridescent glass that looks like peacock feathers. Earth and jewel-tones shimmer in shifting light and perspectives. This is one of the secrets to the aliveness of my work: it’s the dynamic relationship between the piece itself – which is fixed, the light – which is changing, and the viewer – who is moving. A subtle shift in perspective will make the piece look completely different, as will various times of day. This alive quality is subtle yet profound, and quite mesmerizing!

We discuss the overall size of the piece, the complexity of the design, the budget, and the time frame. I’m entrusted by my clients to create something extraordinary for them, and when the piece is delivered it’s always a thrill to hear, “Oh my…it’s more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!”

Public spaces

In recent years I’ve created site specific art for a bank lobby, a hotel lobby and an outdoor sculpture park. I enjoy the scale of these installations and the opportunity for the public to engage with the art in meaningful ways.

I am seeking more opportunities to bring art to public places and have a dream to bring my work into meditation chapels in hospitals. Places where people are in transition, often in physical, emotional, mental & spiritual pain. When you or a loved one need a quiet place to go and something that you can just disappear into…

My work creates a feeling-space that acts like an adaptogen – an energetic balancing of the nervous system. If someone is stressed or agitated the work calms them down. If someone is feeling sad or depressed the work creates a space to breathe more deeply and connect with the heart, creating an uplift. And if someone is already well, it holds a nourishing energy of vibrant aliveness.

Can you imagine this in a hospital, or an urban park? Do you know of any opportunities to bring art and healing energy to public places?  Please, be in touch.

The Magic!

Art moves, touches, and inspires on all levels of being. It can lift us up, turn us on, and remind us of special people and places. It can create a sense of peace and tranquility, a “Sabbath Moment” in the midst of our busy lives.

There’s a particular quality to something that has been made by hand – to see and feel the love and intention that went into the making. In a world of lightning-fast technology, art offers us an eternal moment of presence. Art touches our hearts and minds, and invites us to go beyond what’s already known…to discover something new.

When art touches me on a soul-level, my heart opens and I feel more connected to myself, to others, and to all of life. I love art that inspires my creative juices, and I’ve seen how my art has inspired creativity in others. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

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