Eileen Jager

How It All Began

One of my earliest memories is being at my grandparent’s house in a small town in Northern Holland. A stained glass window on the landing showing Opa as the hunter with a dog by his side striding through the gardens and into the forest. I spent many hours in front of that window, imagining their great adventures and basking in the light and color.

Leap to 1979, my junior year abroad. It’s a cold grey day at Chartres Cathedral and Malcolm Miller (the famous English-speaking tour guide) had brought the cathedral to life. Stories of the Old and New Testament as told in sculpture and glass revealed the sacred geometry of what was within and without. The Chartres labyrinth was in clear view.

Suddenly, the sun came out and the inside of the cathedral was illuminated. Light streamed through the stained glass windows and I was bathed in radiance. I felt like I was sitting inside a jewel box and I literally felt the hand of God reach out and touch my heart.

I received a profound experience of the power of light to transform our lives – in our inner world and outer environment. This moment marks the beginning of a life-long passion for glass, light, color, and transformation.

My name means Light Hunter! Eileen from the Greek root is Helen or Selene. Jager from the Germanic root is Hunter.  I’m well named as the dance of the sun and moon, of shiva and shakti. Lighthunter truly informs what inspires me, how I create and express myself and continue to grow.

Who Am I?

I’m a Renaissance woman, a life long learner and passionate about many things. I love to travel, and when I combine my love of learning and love of travel it’s always a great adventure! I grew up bi-lingual and bi-cultural and enjoy discovering new places, cultures and traditions.

I’m an alchemist at heart, exploring the transformation that happens when various elements come together to create something new. Harmony and resonance in music, in people, in food. The unity in diversity. Creativity and improvisation are deep roots in my life. I believe in magic and miracles and kindness. I like to “pay it forward” and circulate positive energy.

I have a strong earth-spirit connection which I nourish with movement, dance, meditation and mantra. I am happiest in nature, marveling at her beauty and diversity, always perfect and always changing. I love co-creative ritual and experiences that deepen ones relationship with self, community and spirit.

Working so intimately with my clients dreams and desires (with art and feng shui) inspired me to become a Life & Love Coach. This work is deep, and brings my finely honed skills as an artist to life in new ways. The power of presence, deep listening, seeing possibility, and holding a safe and nourishing space within which old identities and patterns evolve, and new skills, capacities and ways of being are born. I am dedicated to creating safe and sacred space for the blossoming of love in your heart and home.

My Creative Process

It Starts Very Quietly

It Starts Very Quietly

Sometimes, my creative process starts with a feeling, an idea, a nudge, a glimpse of something. As I engage with it, it begins to reveal itself, and we have a dance of discovery.

It Starts With A Spark

It Starts With A Spark

Sometimes, it comes to me as a vision fully formed. I can see it but I don’t always know how to make it. Then the journey is discovering how to take this idea and give it form.

It Starts In The Center

It Starts In The Center

In either case, it’s a journey revealed through inspiration, perseverance, vision, and trust.

It Starts In The Heart

It Starts In The Heart

The creative process is very alive. I have to be comfortable inside of what is known and what is waiting to be revealed. It often seems like a great mystery.

Here are the parts; what are the missing pieces, and how do they fit together?

When I get stuck I turn to nature – I drink her in daily! How plants grow and change over their life cycle. How clouds move through the sky shifting form and color. Raindrops on water rippling, overlapping, intersecting. Starting as something then organically morphing into something else. Sunrise and sunset, always changing, always perfect. Nature’s fleeting moments bring me to a place of deep presence.

I’m blessed to live close to the pond and park. Every day I hike the trails and meditate by the water. There’s something about the play of light on water that opens a portal in my mind to another realm. In that place, I’m shown how the pieces fit together. I see the whole picture as if it’s always been there, and the next steps are revealed. It’s alchemy in action!

I do my best work when I appear to be doing nothing at all…

My goals for our work

In creating site-specific art, I listen deeply to my clients’ dreams and desires, often helping them realize a vision or honor a loved one. It’s an alchemical process of manifesting thought into form, and rendering the invisible visible. It’s a journey of trust, curiosity and perseverance. My work has an essence that is both uplifting and soothing, creating an energy of sanctuary, intimacy and inspiration. Art holds a space for transformation, from the inside out, and from the outside in.

As a feng shui consultant, I listen deeply to my clients’ dreams and desires, helping them clarify an intention for our work together. Feng shui is the practice of understanding how the energy – the feeling – in our living spaces affects the quality of our lives. Aligned with clients’ intentions, I work to clear the blocked and stagnant flow of chi in the physical environment, which directly impacts the physical, emotional, mental, and soul bodies.

In both art-making and feng shui, it’s deeply satisfying to create an energetic field within which transformation is nourished and inspired!

I work with…

People who appreciate beauty and desire to create an environment which brings joy, inspiration, intimacy and well-being to life.

I have collaborated with private individuals, interior designers, feng shui consultants, architects, general contractors and other artists to bring my art to fruition.

I have a dream to bring my work into meditation chapels in hospitals. Places where people are in transition, often in physical, emotional, mental & spiritual pain. When you or a loved one need a quiet place to go & something that you can just disappear into…

My work creates a feeling-space that acts like an adaptogen – an energetic balancing of the nervous system. It has a calming and uplifting energy that is gentle yet profound.

I believe in the power of art & beauty to create peace & sanctuary.

Each piece is a journey revealed through vision, trust, and perseverance.

My work brings beauty and harmony to life, creating a nourishing oasis for inspiration and well-being.

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