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A story of clutter clearing, intention, manifestation, and using feng shui principles to build my studio from the ground up!

In the early winter of 2013, I could feel the stirring of something needing to change. I had just completed “WaterDance” for Easthampton Savings Bank, and went to Costa Rica for a couple of weeks to commune with the jungle and visit friends. On my return, I was struck by the simplicity of living out of a duffel bag with a couple changes of clothes. As I looked around my house and studio, I began to feel overwhelmed by how much stuff I had: a closet overflowing with clothes I rarely wore, over 30 flower vases (of which I used 4 regularly), unfinished projects, stuff I had collected along the way that I would someday put to use. My studio at One Cottage Street was over 800 square feet, with 16-foot ceilings and was filled with 20+ years of materials, tools and equipment, completed works, and “perhaps someday” things I had acquired. I remember going there one day, opening the door, standing on the threshold and looking in, and feeling a tidal wave of overwhelm sweep me away. I closed the door and realized something big was going to shift, and soon.

Later that week, I looked at an area next to my house and saw it with fresh eyes – and wondered if I could build a studio there. I did the research on property lines and set-backs and realized I could build a small, 14’ x 20’ studio in the Fame and Illumination (fire) gua.

Sometimes when you set an intention, the first act of creation is destruction, as space must be created for that which is being birthed. I had to let go of what was known and secure to make room for something new.

The Studio was filled with 20+ years of materials, tools, and equipment, completed works, and “perhaps someday” things

I thought about what was in my current studio that would come to the new space, and using the principles of clutter clearing – “what do I use, what do I need, what do I love?” – I began to map out the space to determine what would fit, and what I would sell, donate, recycle, etc. I remember feeling so bogged down that I didn’t even know where to begin! “What do I know I’m ready to let go of?” became my mantra, and I started sorting through boxes of back taxes dating back to 1991. I started with what was easy to release and began to build momentum. It got easier and easier as time went on. Letting go actually became exhilarating as I found new homes for many things and kept lightening my load. I had six months to complete moving out of the old space while I was building the new space.

In building the new studio I used feng shui principles to bless the land and the materials, setting a clear intention for a new chapter in my creative life. I was moving away from 20+ years of high-end craft shows and selling work through galleries around the country to making commissioned art exclusively.

And now I have a beautiful studio, just nine paces from my front door. I’m in a hummingbird phase of life where I can easily move from the studio – to the garden – to the office – to the kitchen – as I desire.

As I lighten my load and create with intention, I feel incredibly happy, free, and blessed – which frees up a lot of energy for what is most meaningful in my life at this time.

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